Message From Chairman & CEO

Message from Chairman

Ahmadyar Group’s commitment to enhancing quality of life and living standards through its various business endeavors is commendable. The group’s emphasis on benchmark quality, customer-centric approach, robust engineering, and transparency reflects its dedication to excellence and ethical practices.

By diversifying its operations across multiple sectors including oil & gas, lubricants, logistics, concrete technology, construction, and real estate development, Ahmadyar Group demonstrates its adaptability and vision for growth in Afghanistan and the UAE, with future expansions planned in the Middle East.

In particular, Ahmadyar Developments’ focus on luxury real estate developments portrays our understanding of market demands and our commitment to delivering high-quality, innovative solutions that meet customer aspirations. By integrating technology, design, and aesthetics, Ahmadyar Developments aims to provide unparalleled standards of performance and service to its clientele.

Its our mission to develop and deliver unique, integrated luxury lifestyles, through our dedication to excellence in architecture and project execution, Ahmadyar Developments ensure a strong return on investment and better living standards for our residents. Moreover, the customer-centric approach ensures that client needs and expectations are met, further solidifying the Group’s reputation as a trusted partner in real estate ventures.

Overall, Ahmadyar Development’s visions, values, and dedication to excellence position it as a potential leader in United Arab Emirates’s real estate sector with a clear focus on delivering value to its customers and making a positive impact in the society.

CHAIRMAN - Ahmadyar Developments


Dubai has established itself as a prominent global real estate hub over the years. The emphasis on fostering enduring relationships speaks volumes about the commitment to excellence and integrity within the industry. Business culture, economic growth and safety reinforces trust in the emirates thus solidifying Dubai’s position as a premier destination for international real estate investment and development.

Real estate is indeed a serious business that demands a combination of knowledge, experience, dedication, and passion, coupled with patience to achieve desired goals. It’s commendable that our priority remains our clients, as they are the driving force behind the achievements. Whether they seek exceptional real estate offerings for investment or a dream family home, prioritizing their needs is crucial.

The real estate sector plays a pivotal role in the growth of many economies such as UAE, USA, Europe, Singapore and beyond. It serves as a backbone for economic progress and development, contributing significantly to job creation, infrastructure enhancement, and overall prosperity.

Our commitment is to prioritize a luxurious and modern quality of life by placing emphasis on creating environments that enhance the well-being and satisfaction of our residents. We ensure to provide state of the art products with high end quality and standards that guarantees tremendous value and return on investment for our clientele.

CEO - Ahmadyar Developments