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The journey of Ahmadyar Group from a small trading company to a prominent diversified business conglomerate underscores the importance of vision, determination, and dedication in the global business environment.
In 1992, Tavakal Ahmadyar started as a petroleum product trader in Kabul, Afghanistan. Over the years, the company demonstrated resilience, adaptability, and strategic vision, and materialized on the enormous business opportunities in Afghanistan which allowed it to advance its operations, diversify its business verticals, and expand around the region.

In 2004, Ahmadyar Group was formally established, marking a significant milestone in its evolution. With a strong foundation laid down, the group began to explore new avenues for growth and expansion. It ventured into various sectors, including fuel and gas distribution, aviation fuel, lubricants, transportation, logistics and cargo, ready-mix concrete production, and real estate developments.

The expansion into these diverse sectors not only broadened the group’s business portfolio but also allowed it to tap into different markets and capitalize on emerging opportunities. By diversifying its operations, Ahmadyar Group mitigated risks associated with reliance on a single industry and diversified its revenue streams.

With a strong presence established in Afghanistan, Ahmadyar Group further expanded its footprint into international markets, including the UAE, Turkey, and Europe. This global expansion strategy enabled the group to leverage its expertise and resources to access new markets, forge strategic partnerships, and foster international collaborations. Today, Ahmadyar Group stands as a testament to the power of entrepreneurship, innovation, and perseverance.

Ahmadyar Developments has been established as a strategic move to capitalize on opportunities in the luxury property market in Dubai. Ahmadyar Developments’ focus on creating premium properties and communities aligns with the growing demand for upscale living spaces in Dubai. By emphasizing bespoke projects tailored to modern lifestyles and offering high returns on investment, the company aims to attract discerning customers seeking both luxury and value in their real estate investments.



Years of Business Excellence
  • Since 1992
  • HQ in Kabul, Afghanistan
  • UAE, Turkey & Europe
  • 2000+ Employees








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